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About Us

Our prime mission is to breed jovial and cute puppies for your loving homes. We have been into great Danes for many years now, we are a trust-filled family for pets adoption. We are always concerned with the health, conformation, and temperament of all of our dogs. We take pride in the fact that our puppies come from the best family that can raise puppies with a love for dogs.

Quality is our number one goal. We do this by meeting the breed standards, ensuring good health, and providing a loving and nurturing environment ~ thus allowing for a solid family companion that has a loving, gracious temperament. Not only are we focused on providing the best quality puppies from our home to yours, but we also do what is necessary to earn your trust and surpass your expectations well after you receive one of our puppies. We are committed to you and your puppies for the life of the dogs.  Simply because it is the right!


OUR Mission

Our breeding is very limited all year round for the benefit of our breed/show program. Our sole purpose of breeding is not focused on maximizing profit rather, we plow back income from our good jobs into our breeding program so breeding Great Dane is just to keep the family and so charging a price on the puppies is just to recover the expenses incurred in bringing them up from the day they were born.

The focus at Celebrity Danes is more on quality and health not how many pups we can sell. Reserve your puppy from future litters to get thegreat Danes puppy you have your heart set on. With a reservation, you can look at each litter until you find the puppy you fall in love with.  Our puppies are raised with love. We spare no effort or expense in the raising of our puppies. We have been breeding for 11 years. Our motto is Quality, not Quantity. All of our puppies are sold as pets. We provide a written Health Guarantee. We spend time with each and every one of our dogs every day. Our puppies are well socialized with plenty of people. All of our dogs have excellent temperaments and personalities, not to mention they’re beautiful too. great Danes are amazing! They are wonderful family pets, very intelligent and loyal with lots of love to give to you. great Danes love kids and are very gentle with them. Thanks for taking a look!

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